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PESC Members come together to develop and promote the adoption of interoperable data standards. We are committed to open systems data solutions that employ automated, reusable, and sustainable technologies.

PESC Membership connects you and your organization to the education technology and standards community. Whether your interests are focused on supporting PESC year-round, participating in our groups and events, or serving as a leader governing our mission and initiatives, we welcome you.

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As a PESC Member, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and insights from industry experts through unparalleled networking opportunities, connecting you with like-minded professionals and organizations. A community of organizations and individuals has grown within PESC, with the desire to:

  • improve their technology and overall interoperability (or learn how); 
  • seek education, guidance and best practices on technology, standards, systems, integrations, projects, pilots, etc.;
  • increase the visibility of their technology, standards, systems, integrations, projects, pilots, etc. and seek support;
  • connect and network with others with similar interests or needs in an open, friendly environment; and
  • contribute to taking our community to the next level, driving innovation and progress.

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